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About Kreate Meal Prep

I’m chef Desmon, alumnae of Johnson and Wales University with formal training in Culinary, Baking and Pastry Arts, and a background in Culinary Research and Development. After being diagnosed with high cholesterol and being one prescription away from being placed on daily medication to combat the fat floating in my bloodstream, I decided to make a change and become proactive about my nutrition. I used the tools and training I possessed to identify the triggers that caused me to over-consume and developed meal plans designed to help me feel full and satisfied. I paired my meal plans with regular exercise and lost 197 pounds in the first year. I founded Kreate Meal Prep to offer convenient meal preparation options that are perfect for all people.

I personally make every meal using GMO free, responsibly sourced ingredients to ensure you get the best nutrition while still feeling satisfied; that’s my promise to you.

-Chef Des

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We strive to enhance and enlighten your perspective of food. Our focus is to empower each customer to see the broader scope of their nutrition potential. We are constantly learning, evolving, and creating to develop a top-tier experience for our clients. Our pursuit of the ultimate customer experience comes with the following promises to you, our customers.

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